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TEXO Safety has Helped Guide More Than 37,000 Since 2013 … But There’s More


Time for a pop quiz! How much do you know about TEXO Safety? Do you know about TEXO Safety First? Did you know that TEXO provides many other safety services, as well? Did you know that TEXO has an entire department and staff dedicated to serving you and your safety needs?

For the last few years, TEXO has been conducting a quarterly orientation for new and potential members called TEXO 101. It is an opportunity to get to know the TEXO staff and learn about the many benefits of membership. One of the things I usually hear after the event is that TEXO offers so much more than they were initially aware.

The fact is, six TEXO staff members are involved in the safety services offered to our members. TEXO Safety First is a leading construction safety orientation course taught in North and East Texas to more than 37,000 construction personnel since 2013. General contractors and specialty contractors alike have used TEXO Safety First as a way to ensure all workers on a jobsite have had a basic level of construction safety instruction prior to performing work on a project. This program is what most people think of in regard to TEXO and our safety offerings. However, TEXO Safety also conducts OSHA 30-hour classes, first aid and CPR, and various other discipline-specific safety courses – fall protection, scaffolding, ladder safety, work zone traffic control and flagging to name a few – in both English and Spanish throughout the year.

In addition to the training TEXO offers, members who don’t have the benefit of an on-staff safety professional can take advantage of certain consulting services. We can help develop a safety program for your company, offer assistance with OSHA compliance, help to identify hazards on a jobsite, and provide toolbox talk topics.

Additionally, TEXO has a safety committee comprised of construction safety professionals who actively participate in sharing the message of safety to the construction industry in our area. Every month, the committee shares insight on safety compliance challenges, new ideas to help develop a better safety culture and lessons learned. After the meeting, the TEXO Safety Committee hosts an hourlong forum, where they talk about a safety specific topic or simply hold an open discussion to broaden the knowledge of both new and seasoned safety professionals. The committee also has an outreach program that takes safety education to the jobsite for those who cannot attend the forums.

TEXO Safety loves serving our members and carrying the flag of safety throughout North and East Texas. Whether you are a current TEXO member or are thinking about joining, TEXO Safety has something to offer you – come find out.


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